LISAM Spinel is super-ground from spinel with different Al2O3 content. It has the excellent performance in the refractories to improve the construction performance, bulk density, strength of room temperature and high temperature, slag resistance and thermal shock resistance.


Alumina-rich spinel: low-cement, ultra-low cement bonded corundum spinel refractories, such as large ladle pouring materials, impact zone at the bottom of the ladle, porous plugs bricks, nozzle blocks, ladle carbon-free prefabricated up and down spouts, molten steel desulfurization spray gun, RH dip tube, CAS dip tube, UT dip tube, electric furnace / LF furnace / VD top precast blocks.


Magnesia-rich spinel: Mg-Al or Mg-Al-carbon unburned bricks, and also an important ingredient component of non-chromium (ultra-low carbon or micro-carbon) unburned refractories introduced on the market in recent years.

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