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Low Soda Tabular Alumina - LITAL 99LS
Release time:2020/8/4 12:32:00

With the development of high temperature industry, new requirements on the refractory materials have been put forward, especially the longer service time under high temperature. The average Na2O content for regular tabular alumina is 0.25~0.40%. In 2018, Zili started to research the production process for low soda tabular alumina. In 2019, we designed and built a low soda tabular alumina production line with an annual output of about 8000t. We adopt a serial of special treatments for the raw materials and a set of production control system to prevent the impurity entry.
LITAL-99LS features table-like crystal structure with high bulk density and low sodium, which is rapidly sintered by the specially treated high purity alumina under high temperature without any sintering aid. High purity: 99.7% Al2O3, 0.07%Na2O and 0.01% SiO2. It possesses low impurity and well-developed crystal structure with mass closed pores in between. Particles and fine powder with various particle distributions would be prepared by crushing, selecting and grinding process to meet the needs of different users.
1:High purity, good stability and well chemical resistance;
2:High bulk density, low apparent porosity and low water absorption;
3:Crystal structure with mass closed pores in between; good thermal shock resistance and well mechanical properties;
4:Good wear resistance;
5:Excellent insulation;
6:Various product specifications; the particle distribution would be customized as per customer needs;

Most of the low soda tabular alumina used for manufacturing advanced ceramics and kiln furniture is fused white alumina due to the high price. In order to solve this problem, Zili develops LIAL-99LS. Our low soda tabular alumina has a broad prospect for the application in the industries of advanced refractory materials, advanced ceramics and kiln furnaces and investment casting.