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LISAL Calcined aluminas
Release time:2016/4/15 21:48:35

Zili in early 2015 established a calcined alumina materials research and development team, and invited Wuhan University of Technology, Zhengzhou University professor as a technical support specialist, also purchased British Malvern laser particle size analyzer, the United States Mike surface area tester, and other advanced detection equipment using high-quality Australia alumina as raw material, in addition to the process of soda reduction, high-temperature tunnel kiln, large ball mill grinding and finally homogenizing process to produce sodium, various size (including 0.7-5μm) distribution (single peak, bimodal, multimodal) of calcined alumina powder, so far has fully mastered all kinds of high-end calcined alumina production methods.
Now, Zili's calcined aluminas are widely used in the ladle purging plug, casting, ladle castable corundum spinel series in domestic large ladle, making good use of cost efficiency effect, self-production technology products, and have won high praise from refractory enterprises.
Zili helps refractory enterprises to reduce procurement costs, provides a comprehensive technical and after-sales service, increases market share goal, and creates high quality calcined alumina "LISAL"  brand. "LISAL" brand calcined alumina powder will officially enter foreign markets April 18, 2016, and serve the global refractories business.
For the newly created "LISAL" brand, Zili officer said, " 'LISAL' is like a newborn baby,  it is still need refractory industry business support and help. We're looking forward to working with more companies, and ultimately achieve common development for the healthy development of the industry making a positive contribution. "